Brobie Brobie Cone is the writer and artist of “Sweet Dreams”, a sci-fi thriller about an alien invasion. He is creative and introspective, which translates to quiet and irritable around people. Convinced that he will someday be discovered by the big comic book companies, Brobie perseveres in the exhausting and daunting task of self-promotion, even if it will inevitably destroy him.



 Cal Somersfield is an aspiring artist and Brobie’s constant traveling companion. What he lacks in discipline and originality, he makes up for in enthusiasm and likability. When he’s not helping at the table, Cal can be found wandering the con floor in search of outrageous cosplay and delicious snack food.



Stender is a real life space alien, cleverly disguised as a tabletop maquette. He frequently converses with Brobie telepathically, and thoroughly enjoys irritating the artist. “Sweet Dreams” is his true biographical account.


Lynne LynnWeather is the author of “Cornspiracy”, a revisionist history involving ears of corn. She is often set up near the other con artists, and as a result is the disinterested object of Cal’s affection. She takes her work very seriously and seems to be generally clueless about pop culture.