So the other part of chapter 17 is Abram‘s name (high/noble father) being changed to Abraham (father of many/multitudes), as well as Sarai’s name (my princess) being changed to Sarah (a princess [of nations]).

Have you ever been called by a different name? I’m sure you have. Sometimes it’s by accident, and sometimes it’s on purpose. Nicknames, pet names, shortened names, formal names; most of us have had them. Some people legally change their names, like when they get married, or enter show business, or immigrate to a different country. Usually we are given names at birth, and sometimes we inherit those names from family members. Some names are bestowed upon us suddenly and appropriately, such as Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Sister, and Brother; Uncle, Aunt, Niece, Nephew, and Cousin; Grandpa and Grandma or their variations. We don’t seem to mind those. They give us a sense of belonging and intimacy.

But what about those other names? What about Stupid? What about Ugly? Suddenly you remember all of those names, most of which I don’t want to post here. Maybe you’ve tagged other people with names like that, or maybe you’ve been on the receiving end. Either way, we’re very familiar with the negative effects that kind of name calling carries with it.

Which names do you identify yourself with? Are they occupational, political, denominational, nutritional, or racial? Are they relational, generational, educational, economical, or locational?

There are obviously many different names that we can go by. Let’s remember the ones God uses: Child and Friend.