This series has been much more difficult for me than I expected. I have some very specific points I want to make, but organizing them in a coherent manner and leading up to them in a logical way has proven to be a monumental task.

You see, no one human person can set down a checklist of things to do to that will automatically work for every other individual acting on their own accord. This is the fatal flaw in the self-help sub-culture. People put all their eggs in someone else’s basket and expect them to miraculously turn into a delicious fluffy omelet, where in reality it might be too runny, or have too much pepper, or mushrooms or some other element unappealing to them. There is only one who knows exactly what to do with your eggs, and He wants you to put them in His basket and stop worrying about them (Matthew 6:25-34).

While it may not look the same for everyone, it does start in the same place. Clich