…the Strip

Welcome to the world of B.E. Moth and Levi Ethan, famed monsters of the Bible’s Old Testament. Accompany them as they travel through ancient history: exploring the mysteries of creation, braving the perils of the unknown, encountering heroes of old, or just struggling to escape extinction. An extensive and colorful cast of familiar patriarchs, unsung strategic players, and complete unknowns join the two dinosaurs on their adventures. The result is a hint of irreverent mythology, mixed with a healthy dash of thought-provoking irony, and plenty of absolute hilarity.

Brought to life in 2002, Moth & Ethan have already developed a wide fan base through the limited exposure of the artist’s website and a special black-and-white printed booklet containing some favorite strips. Unfortunately, however, the strip has been unable to reach its full potential, due to a lack of time and funding. Until now.

In 2006, Moth & Ethan received national recognition by a panel of judges and won two Cravens Awards (in honor of the great Greg Cravens, artist and current writer of The Buckets and Hubris): one for Best Comic Strip and another for Best Comic Strip Series.

…the Characters

Levi Ethan is witty, friendly and helpful. He is supposedly one of the famed Leviathans mentioned in the Bible, but he hardly lives up to the description. He prefers the water, but is most often on land with his friend Moth. Of any of the characters, Ethan seems the most aware that important events are taking place around them.

B.E.Moth is gullible, lovable and loyal. Though slightly less intelligent that his buddy, Ethan, he doesn’t seem to mind. One of the mighty Behemoths described in the Old Testament, Moth is easily scared and easily distracted. He is oblivious to the change in the times and naively follows wherever Ethan leads.

Sal Newton is one of many minor characters, but only one of a very few reoccurring ones. He is the opposite of our heroes in every way. A conniving, self-centered, albeit enterprising, opportunist, Sal pops up whenever there are people (or animals) to be taken advantage of. His schemes often meet with disaster, but it is never long before he is on to the next big endeavor.