Well, it’s been a busy week. Set up at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention where I did a lot of drawing and got to meet Mr. Tom Kenny (the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants), battled a vicious seasonal cold, and, oh yeah, managed to make it to the age of 32.

I remember when my dad was 32. I was 7. That was the year we moved from Florida to North Carolina, a big change. I still recall riding in the moving van with him during that (what seemed like) long haul, just the two of us. I remember saying good-bye to my friend/next-door neighbor, and I remember arriving at our new house, and what it looked like before it was landscaped on the outside and furnished on the inside. I remember my first day at a new school and making new friends and getting our first dog. It was a big year.

Thirty two is also around the age when Jesus started His public ministry on earth. Some scholars believe that 32 is the age we will all appear to be in our resurrected bodies. I don’t put much significance in numbers. The likelihood that a significant event will happen this year is just as plausible as it having already happened last year, or will happen next year. I hope that something amazing happens in my life in the coming months, and I know that it can, but I also know that God’s timing is perfect, and if He decides to do a miraculous work in me this year, or 32 years from now, or never, it is all part of His plan.

In the meantime, I think being a dad and a husband is pretty freaking exciting. Getting to do my own web comic isn’t too shabby either.