Amazing, isn’t it? Cain is cursed and set to wander the earth, and the first chance he gets, he puts down roots and starts a family. Seems like he missed the point of his punishment.

How often do we respond the same way? We get caught in sin, run from the problem instead of repenting and making amends, then we surround ourselves with people who agree with us and support our bad decision in order to feel better about it. And you can always find someone with the same opinion. If the internet has taught us nothing else, it’s that there is undoubtedly another person out there to validate your cause, not matter how absurd or wrong it might be.

Cain’s unrepentant heart led to a domino effect that populated the world with wicked men. You never know how your negative actions can effect those around you. Don’t fall into that trap, friends. Don’t let pride and stubbornness hinder your relationship with God and with others. Make it right.