I had some really deep, though-provoking comments to post here today (yeah, right), then my wife’s car was broken into. Isn’t it terrible when that happens? Her purse with all her cards and ID were taken and promptly used elsewhere. Someone else was taking advantage of and credit for her hard work and solid reputation.

And if the loss and inconvenience of it wasn’t upsetting enough, there’s a rotten sense of violation and the intense desire to place blame. Blame of self, blame of circumstances, blame of the lack of security, etc., etc., when, in reality, the true blame falls on the individual(s) who committed the crime.

What of those people? The ones sneaking around in the still of the night, checking every car door in the parking lot. The ones lying in wait for just the right moment to nonchalantly rummage through another person’s belongings and take what they please. The ones who justify their actions through a perverse sense of entitlement. The ones who dropped out of school because they never caught a glimpse of the slightest glimmer of hope for a brighter future. The ones trapped in an unforgiving addiction or other redundant series of poor life choices. What about them?

I have no expectation that they will be apprehended and brought to justice. I have no expectation that my wife’s belongings will be recovered. I have no expectation that the thieves will ever reach an eye-opening,  life-changing moment and completely repent of their wicked ways, effectively becoming a positive contributor to their community.

But they might.