This hits kind of close to home. When my wife told me we were going to have another baby, and that he would arrive 11 months after the last one, my response was not much better than Ethan’s. I believe my words were something like, “Th… that’s amazing! It’s really kind of a miracle, actually!”

And it is a miracle, every time, not just the unexpected times. Having experienced the deep sense of loss through three miscarriages, I began to understand and overwhelmingly appreciate the miraculous process of carrying a pregnancy to term. And watching a human child come into this world is absolutely life-changing.

I don’t know how far apart Cain and Abel were, but in my imagination, they were pretty close. With no contraceptives and not much to do in a brand new world, I think it’s a good possibility. On the other hand, with no doctors and no epidurals, the idea that Eve had a whole new definition of “pain” and wouldn’t let Adam get close to her for a while, is also very likely.