I recently received a request for a reference clarification on some of the newer strips, which is understandable, since long-time fans of Moth & Ethan will recall that I used to put precise chapter and verse addresses on the bottom of the “classic” strips. I abandoned that practice when I began the webcomic in earnest, for a few reasons.

Mainly it is because I feel like the continuous story structure allows for easy follow-along in the source material, meaning you start in Genesis 1 and read the verses in tandem with the strips. I also knew that, due to the sporadic nature of events in the Biblical narrative, there would have to be times when I would require unrelated story lines to branch off the main thread to fill in the gaps of time. Allowing myself the freedom to do that reemphasizes the fact that the Moth & Ethan epic is historical fiction, or even satire if you want to go that far. While I will honestly say that I believe the stories in the Bible to be absolutely true, I can, without reservation,  also take some artistic and comedic liberties with the space between the lines.

So, for those of you just joining us, we are still in chapter 4 of Genesis, specifically verses 19-24. I promise all genealogical passages will not be this drawn out…

…okay, maybe I won’t promise that.