What an intriguing character. Melchizedek appears here in Genesis 14: 18-20, and that’s it. He didn’t seem to be involved in the conflict, but when Abram shows up in his backyard, Mel brings food, blesses the guy, and then accepts a tenth of the spoils of war. Odd.

But what is even more odd is that he identifies with “God Most High”, and Abram confirms that they worship the same deity. And this takes place BEFORE the nation of Israel is established; even before God’s official covenant with Abram; located in the middle of a pagan country.

Melchizedek is mentioned in Psalm 110 and also in Hebrews 6-7, and although he seems to play a small role in this story, his example becomes an important analogy in defining our relationship with the ultimate Priest-King, Jesus Christ. Read the passage in Hebrews for more details.