Ever been to a party like this? The host maybe didn’t really know what they were doing, or expected everyone to like the same food and drink, or didn’t have any kind of entertainment available? Uncomfortable.

We recently had a visit from some dear friends we had not seen in a long time. I was very excited about giving them a tour of the city and introducing them to the local cuisine. The only problem was, the local cuisine (for my tastes anyway) consists of Memphis style BBQ, and our friends revealed that they are vegetarians.  Fortunately, they conceded to trying some fried catfish, another popular mid-south eat, but for a moment, I was flummoxed as to how best treat our visitors.

I have my own opinions and theories about vegetarian and vegan diets, none of which are legitimately founded and are largely prejudicial, but I know it is popular enough that the food service industry no longer hesitates to cater to such habits. That being the case, we as a society can coexist in digestive harmony in most locations around the world. However, I do think it a tragedy when newcomers decide not to partake in the particular carnivorous luxuries that cities like Memphis have to offer.

But, each to his own. Chomp on, my friends. Chomp on.