For those critics out there who think Nannette too closely resembles Kevin from the Disney/Pixar movie Up, I would just like to point out that A Bedtime Story (where she originally appears) was published in 2008, whereas Up wasn’t released until 2009. I hope we can put that controversy to rest now.

Our middle son, Toby, is at the stage where he is learning to talk, but his words aren’t always understandable. Our oldest son, Noah, has taken it upon himself to be Toby’s interpreter. Why Noah thinks he can understand his brother better than we can is beyond me, but his translations seem to be about 70% accurate, so maybe he knows something that we don’t. Still, it can be extremely annoying when Baby Coen is screaming, Toby is babbling, and Noah is shouting, “HE WANTS TO PUT MY LEGOS IN THE POTTY BUT I WON’T LET HIM!”