When I was a child, I had a small toy ark, complete with miniature animals. I think most kids in the Western world with a Christian upbringing have probably had one at some point. I know our oldest son has owned multiple versions, owing mostly to the fact that his name is Noah.

I’ve always wanted to see an actual-size replica though. Apparently there is one in Dordrecht, Netherlands that is full to one-fifth scale, depending on who you ask. It took Johan Huibers 20 years to complete, and it must be a sight to behold.

There is also one in Hong Kong, funded by Christian real estate developers, housing a resort hotel, among other attractions. Another one sits on Mt. Ararat in Turkey, built by Greenpeace as a statement about global warming.

Luckily, not to be outdone, Ken Ham of Answers In Genesis, is spearheading Ark Encounter in an attempt to do the same in Petersburg, Kentucky, near the Creation Museum.

Whether or not these are wise endeavors and good stewardship of time and resources, or whether anyone can actually know the accurate size conversion of a “cubit”, I leave to you. More importantly, what are you doing to impact your world for the sake of the Gospel?