Referencing the Tower of Babel here, and you can jump back to read more about that if you want.

If you’ll remember, the settlers of that place incurred the wrath of God because they were disobedient, among other things. One way they disobeyed is that they congregated in one place, instead of spreading out and filling the earth as they were commanded back in chapter 9 of Genesis.

Maybe they were afraid and sought strength in numbers. Maybe they wanted to build something that would withstand another natural disaster. Maybe they just liked each other a whole lot. Whatever the reason, in contradicted what they knew they were supposed to do.

How often do we seek comfort and stability, safety and security, through our own means? When will we realize that we are supposed to rely on God and believe in His promises? When will we stop making excuses and do what we are commanded to do?

I hope you will consider these things as you celebrate Christmas this year. Have a very merry one!

And a most happy birthday to our youngest son, Coen, who turns 2 today.