Panic and remorse met with indifference and disownment. Ever been there?

It’s awkward. You think someone has your back and is sympathetic to your situation, only to find out that they will throw you under the bus if their reputation is at risk by association.

Or, have you found yourself on the other side, by accident or design, watching someone paint themselves into a corner and then expecting you to bail them out?

Maybe you just don’t know how to respond when friendship is tested. Where do your loyalties lie? Are you determined to drag everyone down with you when you are in a tough spot? Are you willing to support someone you care about when they make bad decisions? Are you sensitive to the feelings of others all the time, or only when it’s convenient for you?

While we watch these events unfold with Moth and Ethan, Adam and Eve are going to be doing a lot of blame-throwing. They blame each other, they blame the serpent, and they even blame God. Isn’t it funny that the first use they have for “The Knowledge of Good and Evil” is to try to avoid any responsibility? How do you use that inherited knowledge?