Jay Chuppejaychuppe

Jay is an illustrator residing in Paducah, KY and the original creator of Red Mullet & Cow-Boy. Some of his clients over the years have included WWE, NFL, NCAA, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and NASCAR, as well as publications such as Cracked, Jokester, and Thwack. He is currently a designer for Dippin’ Dots. You can e-mail Jay at jchuppe@comcast.net.





Andrew Chandler

Andrew is a cartoonist and writer living in Memphis, TN. He met Jay in 2007 at the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL, and in 2008, he was inspired to produce a fan film mockumentary about Red Mullet, starring himself. The hour-long movie has delighted fans around the world, but Andrew believes there are greater things in store for the character Рhence the webcomic and other projects in the works. Feel free to e-mail Andrew at webmaster@andrewchandler.net, and visit andrewchandler.net for more art and his other webcomics.